Glamour Boutique 2 – Just You (Las Vegas) provides Male to Female Makeovers, Outings, Fantasies, Photography, Clothing, Makeup, Shapewear, Shoes, Forms and Much More…

My name is Shirley,and I am a transgendered makeup artist / All transformations are conducted on one to one & un-rushed / Services offered: Escorted nite-club excursions / Lingerie fetish / Dating service / Fully equipped wig botique / Location: North Toronto Ontario Canada / Contact: Shirley at 647-836-6000 /

Discreet cross-dressing services for the man who longs to be All Woman.

London dressing service for crossdressers and adult babies

Former male exotic dancer gives advice on beauty and romance to women and to those who want to be women. This is a fun site where a sissy like you can learn a thing or two, and maybe even win a date with Joel.

She is here to assist the transgender community. Married to a crossdresser and offers support to him and others who may need it. She offers clothing, make up, wigs, jewelry, accessories, etc.. or just a shoulder to lean on!

Transformation and fetish fun and games in a bed and breakfast on Staten Island. Over night or for a week, you can be transformed and play out your fetish with the on staff Mistress’s and Masters.

Clothes, advice, and contacts for transformation into the woman of your dreams!

Superior Role Play?
Strict Maid Training,
Brand new choc-a-frock wardrobe,
Fabulous clothes, exclusive shoes,
Delicious Foot Worship,
Discreet friendly TV Makeovers,?
Dressy-Uppy two way girlie fun,
Girlie nights out with other TVs,
Changing facilities,
Luxury salon in South East UK,
Shop ’till we drop in Brighton/London

A dressing and make-up tuition service based in Devon, England

The Emerald Fantasy brings dreams to fulfillment, breathes life into desire. Now you have a portal into the fantasy of a lifetime.

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