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Nanny Lucinda welcomes Adult babies and Diaper Lovers to Her beautiful, well equipped and discreetly situated Nursery.

Regress and immerse yourself in Her world where your individual needs will be listened to and your time with Nanny is tailored to you.

Nanny has a wide selection of sissy dressies, frillies, plastic pants, lockable mittens and bootees, bonnets, wigs and of course, nappies, depending on your requirements.

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Adult Baby, Diaper Lover Training from your Mommy Mistress Lillith. Come to mommy, She’ll take care of you!

Auntie Annies Handmade sissy adult baby clothing.

All our clothes are handmade by Auntie just for you.

New site designed by 10 diaper lovers and adult babies just like you. Its the biggest of its kind. It has exclusive photos, over 7000 image photo gallery and counting, forum, live chat, UPDATED VIDEOS (PROMISE), stories, a community to meet other ABDL’s, private messaging, calendar of ABDL events, abdl news, and a SAFE community for ADULTS ONLY.

A site about sissies in Denmark

Prissy Sissy training for prissy sissies enforced sissification petticoat discipline and total humiliation for prissy sissy girls.

GovernessX ~ Disciplinarian & Infantiliser & Sissifier

Nanny Betty will read you a relaxing bedtime story and give you a goodnight cuddle. Of course, not all babies go straight to sleep, so Nanny has a wide selection of videos for you to watch until you drop off to sleep. Thumb sucking is not allowed and you will be given a dummy to suck if you cannot stop.

An amazing Adult Baby Apparel & Furniture Store!
They make hand-made quality adult baby clothing, adult baby furniture, and accessories. From baby sleepers to snuggly baby outfits, as well as adult baby cribs, high chairs, changing tables, cradles and play pens.

Free site with 500+ photos, 600+ personal ads, message boards and more

Viele Bilder von mir in Windeln und Gummihosen, many Pics from me in Diaper and Plasticpanties

Specializing in Ultra Smooth Texture Free PVC Products

Is one of the very best resources delivering value – fair prices, and great quality adult baby wear.

The first and longest lasting discussion group for adult babies on the www!

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