Rachel is a shemale/newhalf from Taiwan. She dressed and lived as woman in daily life. She likes and enjoy the living as a woman. She was taking feminine hormones from 2007.

Blog featuring info about me, photo galleries, links, tips and tricks for trannies, my thoughts on nowadays society and transgender issues. More articles / photos will be added regularly, so check back again for more.

A little place in pink color for TV lovers!…

Transgender Girl Model Sandra – nice bi T-girl from Berlin – private Transgender Girl website with many pics – from school girl Michael to dream girl Sandra

hi ! this site is for people that likes girls like me !

Sharing a daily photo of sissy, tv or ts from all over the world. Send yours and be published on a popular blog among sissies and Mistresses.

Have a couple drinks and wander around my zone of personal indulgence of skirt, slip and bra.

A prayer of femininity by sexy blonde transgendered woman Lady Amanda Sweet, about 60 hot pictures of Lady Amanda, some of her favorite transgender/female beauty links, and the latest TG/gay news.

Hundreds of graphic images of Charlotte, TV, plus a few of her friends. Free members area, just requires valid email to sign up. Guest area has tamer pics but at full quality.

Christine’s homepage with lots of sexy pics of her in her various erotic outfits and in her black satin lingerie.

In this day and age of Viagra I laugh to myself at my paradox of ultimate beauty and extreme masculine prowess. I feel blessed to be have this special blend of both man and woman. I will never have SRS. No, I love to pleasure both men and women with my big gift.
I am a shemale, PLUS??_Claudette EXTRA!

A Great site by a French lady who will take you touring with her.

A palace of many rooms, or should we say many categories? She will take you on the tour.

Cathy lives in Arizona, a thoughtful girl who is doing a good job of answering her own questions on her life style.

A sexy lady from the Big Apple who has lots of pretty pictures to show you.

This is a photo archive site for Carol Decker who ran out of room in “Carol’s Kinky Closet”

This site has a bio. and pictures of a lovely lady from Germany

Talk about a sexy lady! Cher has 10 photo galleries each one better than the last. This site should keep you bug eyed for hours!

Cindy is still pretty new to this life style but she is learning and wants to share information and ask questions via e-mail. She has some nice pictures too.

Allison is from North Carolina, with a terrifying but nonetheless interesting story to tell. Lotsa pics too!

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